Role: Design & Front End Development was a venture capital funded start-up with offices in Minneapolis, MN and San Mateo, CA. Our mission was to help people quickly find the best retail products by aggregating user reviews, expert reviews, and product buzz in one area (similar to Google for products).

When we started the site there were only 6 of us so as I created new designs I would print them out and as other people in our adjoining office space to review them. Our user research and traffic patterns showed that natural search was our primary traffic driver so the site was designed and developed to make use of semantically rich data. Use of AJAX and CSS hover states added to the user experience, while also helping condense the amount of information presented on the screen without limiting the user. Our taxonomy was fairly deep, and we A/B tested multiple iterations of our faceted navigation our on listing pages.

Selected Work

Project: Best Buy

Role: Creative Direction & Design

Best Buy Email

Project: Best Buy Email Templates

Role: Creative Direction


Role: Design & Front End Development

CApella Corporate Site

Project: Capella Corporate Site

Role: Creative Direction


Role: Design & Front End Development

Capella Times Email

Project: Capella Email

Role: Design & Creative Direction

Musical Measure

Project: Musical Measure

Role: Design & Front End Development

Retweet Radar

Project: Re-Tweet Radar

Role: Design

But wait, there's more...

There are certain projects for one reason or another I can't display publicly. Have no fear though, I have more work behind a secret door.

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